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California Caucus of Colleges and University Ombuds

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This is the California Caucus of Colleges and University Ombuds. Since 1973 OMBUDS throughout California, western United States, Canada, and potentially anywhere has joined the Colleges and University OMBUDS in a four day gathering to share, learn, connect, and discuss the latest issues, trends, knowledge, and challenges of being an OMBUDS person.

The Caucus was started with a meeting of three people, and has grown to over 70 attendees in recent years.

We are now in the planning phase for the 2014 Cal Caucus conference at Asilomar on Nov 16-19, 2014.

The 40th anniversary conference was a special treat for those involved in CalCaucus throughout all these years. With 40% of attendees being new, CCCUO continues to provide a unique professional experience for OMBUDs.

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CCCUO Past Conferences

2001 28th Ombuds Way: Affirming Institutional Humanity

2002 29th The Right Stuff: the Habit, Heart and Science of Ombudsing

2003 30th Making our Practice Fit the Times

2004 31st Rekindling the Fire Within…the Reflection, the Adventure, the Passion

2005 32nd Many Links, One Chain.

2006 33th Ombudsing, the Myths and Realitie

2007 34th Ombudsing in an Age of Anxiety: Connecting Face to Face

2008 35th The Synergy and Adventure in Ombudsing

2009 36th Back to the start (small group met during hiatus)

2010 37th The Ecology of Ombudsing – Building Sustainable Value

2011 38th A New Day: 21st Century Social and Cultural Realities

2012 39th The Work of Ombuds: Reflection and Practice

The Journal of the California Caucus of College and University OMBUDs

The Journal is a publication of the CCCUO.

Past issues are available below and hardcopy versions will be available at the CCCUO Conference.

( download time is 2-3 minutes. Right click and pick 'Save Target As' to avoid opening in new window )

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